Neighbors and Other Strangers

Ruth Moose writes wonderfully wise and funny stories about people we know.

--Clyde Edgerton

By turns touching, raucous and wise, Ruth Moose's stories are whole and vivid in the mind as our own memories.

--Lee Smith

No other writer has produced a body if short stories that so deftly captures the southern mindset, history, and language.

--Doris Betts

If you've ever lived in or even spent a healthy dollop of time visiting a small town, you know the women who populate Ruth Moose's Neighbors and Other Strangers. Like Loretta. who makes a lemon pie with tofu for the second wedding of her first boy friend. Or Miss Lettie Broom who bakes and burns biscuits like the plans and dreams she can never quite get out of the oven at the right time. Ruth Moose is gifted with an unfailing ear for conversation, a sharp eye for details, a sympathetic heart, and a wit Mark Twain would approve.

--Sally Buckner, editor of Our Words, Our Ways, author of Collateral Damage.

Ruth Moose's characters are always people you want to know better. People who don't set themselves above others, but bumble steadily along in their lives trying to untangle whatever messes they've made or unwittingly stepped into.

--Marianne Gingher

Short Stories

Neighbors and Other Strangers

Stories by
Ruth Moose

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